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AGvisorPRO is the “Uberization” of knowledge and wisdom providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts who can provide ANSWERS NOW to questions relating to crops, livestock, machinery, technology, marketing, management, or health and wellness.


We only match with relevant experts

AGvisorPRO only works with experienced ag experts. We match you with the right person to answer your questions – from knowledgeable growers and agronomist AGvisors, to industry and government AGvisors.

  • Independent consultants
  • Equipment specialists
  • Technologists
  • Government experts
  • Industry professionals
  • Farmers


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User-friendly payment options are available directly through the app.



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“My needs vary. Sometimes I will use one category, and other times a different category”

– Jeff E., Farmer


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Talk to the right people, right now

AGvisorPRO only works with experienced ag experts and you can choose the expert you talk to based on availability, area of expertise, subject matter and more. We’ll only match you with the right person to answer your questions – from experienced growers and agronomists to industry and government AGvisors



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